Welcome to the Mason Street Townhomes

Beautiful, bright, quiet, low-maintenance, eco-friendly homes for active Portlanders who want to live their values.

First-time buyers, busy professionals, and adventurers who would rather be exploring near and far than doing chores will love these light, bright townhomes in Northeast Portland's Cully neighborhood.

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5830-5900 NE Mason St., Portland OR 97218 (View Map)

2-4 bedroom homes from $349,900 to $434,900


Saturday, May 26th: 12pm-2pm

Sunday, June 2nd: 3:30pm-5pm

Meet Mason's Newest Community Members!

Kate & Amalia Cooper


The Mason St. Townhomes is a perfect home for us and match for our values. I have always dreamed of living in a community where we would know our neighbors, collaborate in an informal and sometimes structured way, and where my daughter would have playmates close enough to visit safely on her own. Through my work and studies in community building and Education I have a lot of experience to share in a co-housing situation and so much to be grateful for as a single Mom. As an educator and non-profit manager of many years, with experience in consensus as a co-op core member in college, I also have a lot to offer in terms of co-managing the property and shared resources.

I am thrilled that we will be living in such a socio-economically diverse neighborhood that is a reflection of our own family’s cultural diversity where we will feel safe and welcome as a mixed-race and bilingual family.

The eco-friendly aspects of the home are right in line with our values. We always aim to use the most healthy products and furnishings in our home and eat as clean and healthy as we can. I am thrilled about the ash floors, wool carpet, and energy efficiency of the home.

Come be our neighbor!


After living in cohousing in Colorado, Jessie, Nathan and Ocean are excited about living in cohousing again here in Portland at Mason Street. Nathan is an avid gardener who has a vision for edible and ornamental gardening at Mason Street and would love to be part of planning shared garden space there. Jessie loves to cook and is excited about organizing some community meals at the common house. When they move to Mason Street, they plan to bring their chickens and cats along too. 

Other things about them: Jess is fluent in Spanish and works in women’s health. Nathan works in mental health and from time to time brews his own beer. Ocean (6 years old) has a wonderful imagination and looks forward to meeting other kids and families who move into Mason Street.

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Ed Wilgus, parent, grandparent, retired educator, community activist resurfaces in NE Portland was where he has mostly lived for the past 20 years. He is the latest excited resident to join the Mason Community. Having spent a career in the helping profession, Ed finds himself wanting to experience the joys of collaboration, thoughtfulness and kindness in an intergenerational community as the Cully Townhomes.